Heart of Texas Demolition

“Tried and True” Heart of Texas Demolition, LLC is your Demolition Company! No job is too big or too small for us. From complete demolition to selective demolition, Heart of Texas Demolition can provide the services your job site requires. Whether it’s residential, commercial or industrial; equipment removal or dismantlement; wrecking, razing or recycling Heart of Texas Demolition has the experience to tackle any and all of your demolition needs.

What can you expect from Heart of Texas Demolition?

Concerned about demolition? Uncertain as to where to start?

We are here for you every step of the way. Contrary to our competitors, no matter the job size, we are always willing to supply you with a demo plan laid out in an easy to understand format with pictures and explanations. You deserve this kind of attention and our design team is readily prepared. In addition to demolition plans and advice, we are capable of doing everything from pulling permits to coordinating inspections to unusual out of the ordinary dismantlement. Please feel free to inquire at anytime about our plan of action. We would like to think of our demolition approach as flexible and dynamic, fine tuned to meet your needs.

Customer Service

Through integrity and hard work, we are true to our name and continue to bring the highest quality of service and personal attention to the demolition industry. Every job is different and so are the needs of our clients. By maintaining a tight knit small management team packed with extensive experience, we are able to maintain close relations with our clients and actively adapt to their requests and needs. You are welcome to contact our management staff at anytime.

Safety First

Heart of Texas Demolition maintains a full time commitment to both OSHA and in house safety precautions at all times. Through the advent of an extensive Safety Program, Heart of Texas actively trains and educates its team members daily. Dedicated to the protection of our staff and clients, Heart of Texas caries multi-million dollar insurance coverage and bonding capacity.

Extensive Professional Experience

The Heart of Texas Demolition management team has overseen more than 1250 demolition projects, 225 site work projects, and over 900 hazardous material abatement projects with multi state experience in operations and project coordination. Managing Partner and Senior Project Manager Stephen Reveile brings to the job site over 15 years of experience. Here are just a few jobs from Mr. Reveile’s resume:

COO / Senior Project Manager (Complete Oversight)

Heart of Texas Demolition is excited and looking forward to working with you! Give us a call today for your free estimate, and get the wrecking ball working for you!